Why you should never buy fake followers

Instagram Fake Followers

Why you should never buy fake followers


Want to grow your Instagram following? Then avoid fake accounts at all costs! It might seem tempting to purchase Instagram followers, but the downsides outweigh the up of organic follower growth.

Fake Instagram followers will often deceive new followers. If users come to an inactive Instagram feed with tens of thousands of followers, it will lower the account’s credibility. Don’t trick people into following you. Build trust and long-lasting relationships for better engagement.

Also, buying fake followers is a waste of money. Robots won’t be purchasing anything from you so why pay to have them follow you?

Finally, fake followers create no buzz. How many fakes are going to comment, like, and share your content? The answer, a big fat ZERO!

Real people will share, like, comment, and engage with your posts. So it’s worth the time and effort to focus on real people and not cheap shortcuts to nowhere.

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