Why a content schedule is key to growing an Instagram audience

Instagram Content Schedule

Why a content schedule is key to growing an Instagram audience


If you want to grow your Instagram following, the worst thing you can do is to post content at random, haphazard times. If you don’t keep to a schedule, your followers might forget why they followed you in the first place.

To combat this, try and stick to a consistent posting schedule. Avoid posting more than a few times a day to avoid your posts feeling like spam. In fact, once a day at a peak time for your audience is a good starting point.

Sticking to a schedule will help you build a consistent experience for your followers and keep them in the know of your brand. To ensure your keep to set times, use a scheduling app. There are lots out there like Sprout Social, Buffer, Hootsuite, ViralTag, and more.

Just be consistent in your scheduling and the quality levels of your content.

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