Start conversations with your Instagram followers

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Start conversations with your Instagram followers


By starting a simple conversation on Instagram, you can help to build an engaged and active audience.  Get the conversation started by pairing eye-catching videos or images with captions that ask people open-ended questions to start a chat. Questions spark an unconscious answer in our brains. So when someone asks you a question, reflexively part of your brain tries to answer.

So think about what you’d like to know about your audience. What topics do they want to see covered? What problems do they have that you can help solve? Ask the right question to get a chat started. It can be fun or serious. Whatever best fits with your brand.

And ensure you respond to as many comments as possible so everyone feels valued because you don’t know where it could lead. Studies show that 89% of consumers buy from brands after engaging and following them through a social media channel. The more conversations you can spark, the higher the chance of gaining interesting customer insights, gaining followers, and, ultimately, making sales.

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Alistair Dodds
My name is Alistair Dodds and I am the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of London based Digital Marketing Agency EIC Marketing. I have over 20 years of experience as an online marketer and business owner with clients in the USA and Europe.