Weekly Round-Up

Queen Graffiti

Weekly Round-Up

Another week has gone by and boy has it been a great one! Some late-night work and deadlines met all make for a happy, productive design team.


We have to keep the very latest pieces under wraps whilst we await client approval. In the meantime, below is a small sample of some of our recent work that is ready for public consumption.


So let’s get started…


Au Vodka


Here are some mockups that we put together for the mighty Au Vodka. We love the brand (and product!) so it was a pleasure to work on.


Pop Smoke


Pop Smoke was over in London for a gig the other week and we had the pleasure of preparing some mockups for his management team. Great artist and well worth checking out live if you get the chance!


Wall Graffiti


Whilst we were in LA recently we had the pleasure of meeting with Princess Sarah Culberson of Sierra Leone. We put together some creative assets for her to work with. This piece was based on the idea of living icon murals. Looking forward to rolling more of these pieces out in the near future!

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