Weekly Round-Up Week 2 June 2020

EIC Father's Day Graphics

Weekly Round-Up Week 2 June 2020

As we round out the week and head closer to the summer solstice it’s hard to imagine the world of music festivals right now. But in normal years we’d just be past Primavera Sound and gearing up for Glastonbury. Sadly this year that won’t be possible.

But we still need to keep the creative candles burning. And in this weeks round up I thought it a good time to show some of the creative we’ve been working on for new music releases in the US.

Raja Kumari


This first piece is part of a series of images and videos we created for Raja Kumari’s virtual world tour during the height of lockdown.


White Panda Infinite Loop


Next up a little mind trick playing infinite loop work from our content marketing and video design team. Gotta a love a little infinite loop style on your Instagram feed! Take it away White Panda.


Father’s Day


This vector graphic piece was made to honour our Fathers on Fathers Day. Nothing says thank you like a piece of vector artwork!


More to come next week, so stay tuned and have a great weekend all!

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