Weekly Round-Up February 2020

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Weekly Round-Up February 2020

It’s been a busy month here at Ever Increasing Circles towers. The relentless wind and rain has given rise to a bunker mentality. And our content marketing team have been busy trying to escape into imaginary worlds as much as possible.


So without further ado, here are some of our latest pieces of work.


EIC Ocean Island


There’s nothing more inviting at this time of year than the idea of escaping to a desert island in the Pacific. As we can’t physically make it there, we thought we’d work on a 3D model variety. And so we cordially welcome you to EIC Ocean Island where there’s room for just you and tranquility!


Lionsgate – I still believe


Here’s an adaptation of a trailer we made for a pitch to Lionsgate Films on our recent trip to L.A. More to follow on this soon.


Burna Boy


And finally here’s a video we put together for HCT Events. Burna Boy was playing Wembley Arena and, as always, HCT could provide the perfect plug for the best seats in the house.


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