Weekly Round-Up 6 March 2020

Immortals Win

Weekly Round-Up 6 March 2020

Yo, yo, yo! And welcome to another edition of the EIC weekly roundup. We’ve all got our Friday electro groove on and are looking forward to the weekend.

But first, it’s time for our Friday weekly round-up. And it’s been another week of coming up with creative ideas and content…well given we’re a content marketing agency, what more do you expect?

So without further ado, let’s look at what some of the design and video teams have been up to of recent.

IMT Retro Style Video


Whilst in LA recently, we had the pleasure of meeting up with the excellent Immortals e-sports team. We wanted to put a little spin on some of their existing social content and came up with the following retro-style video (amongst many other pieces).




We then traveled over to the East Coast for meetings in New York and had the pleasure of meeting the good people behind Upgraid. As part of the meet, we came up with a few visual and video ideas. The below being one of them.


Lucky Brand – Blotter Effect


We also met with the excellent team behind Lucky Brand whilst Stateside. Here’s a flavour of the work we came up with.


Chloe Kelly Hatrick – Panthera Sports


Back in the UK and we had the pleasure of showcasing this final goal of a hat-trick scoring day by the superb Chloe Kelly.


More to come next week, so stay tuned and have a great weekend all!

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