Weekly Round-Up 13 March 2020

International Earth Day Calendar Smashing Mag

Weekly Round-Up 13 March 2020

A rather serious week globally with the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic and world stock markets in free fall. So, to find some light relief at this tense time, please take a look through this week’s latest creatives. And let a little creative light distract you from the dark news all around.

Internation Earth Day


Here’s a copy of the International Earth Day calendar we submitted and was published in Smashing Magazine. It’s important to remember we all share and live on this one planet-sized home. So best we take care of it.


EIC Video Effects Showreel


Ahead of our recent trips to L.A. and NYC we put together this new video showreel of our past work. Whilst no one likes a bragger, I can’t help but say “damn we’ve done some good work this past year!”. Hope you agree.


Zebra Photo Manipulation


We’ve set the challenge recently to our graphics design team to twist our melons with some mind-bending visuals. The following Zebra, tropical fish and galleon combination certainly did just that. Nothing like a little photo manipulation to end your week on a high!


Jamal Blackburn Rovers


Here’s a recent piece we did for Panthera Sports Agency announcing Blackburns signing of Jamal Adelakun.


More to come next week, so stay tuned and have a great weekend all!

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