Top 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors – Infographic


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Top 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors – Infographic

The Local Search Ranking Factors is a biannual survey of respected digital marketers. Participants are asked, “In your opinion, to what extent do each of the following thematic clusters contribute to rankings across result types at Google?”. Each marketer then assigns a percentage to each of the main categories. The collated results can be seen below.

Why is this important?

  1. Local organic results and local search continue to see significant growth.
  2. Ranking high on local results can bring in quality organic leads and sales.
  3. Many businesses do not invest in local search. So implementing the below could give you a competitive advantage.

As such, and for SME’s in particular, it’s a vital digital marketing option. To do it right, you should simply follow the steps outlined in the below post.

And remember…

Be thorough, be methodical and be patient!

Top 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors

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Google Local Search Ranking Factors

Let’s look at each of the ranking factors in greater detail.

1. Google My Business


The starting point for any business is to ensure that your Google My Business listing is in your possession and fully optimised. Particular care needs to be taken to ensure the name, address and phone number are accurate and will be used in all other citation sources and directories on the web. This helps to establish a line of credibility for Google that you are who you say you are and based where you say you are.

2. Backlinks


Next up are the number and quality of backlinks to your site. These are essentially seen as votes by Google. The more sites that Google already trusts that are linking to your site, the more Google will trust that the information on the pages of your site is true and trustworthy.

To have links from websites in your own industry niche as well as geographical area are key components and should be sought out wherever possible. This can include, for example, coming from your local business chamber of commerce, a local shops and services directory, other local businesses and online publications, blogs, magazines and journals in your market.

3. Review Signals


The number and quality of reviews that customers leave about your business on your GMB listing are another strong signal to Google. Again they indicate whether the service you are providing is appreciated in the local community. It’s therefore vitally important that you seek reviews from best customers and ensure you respond to each review.

To encourage reviews, login to your Google My Business account and, on the homepage, scroll down until you see the “Get More Reviews” section as shown in the following screenshot.

Then simply copy this URL and paste it into any digital correspondence you have with clients and customers so that they can leave you a positive review.

It’s vitally important that you reply to all reviews no matter whether they are positive or negative. In fact, it’s more important to respond to the negative reviews as it demonstrates to potential customers that you are reactive and prepared to improve your service.

Also, it shows a high level of customer service and care especially when it’s clear that the reviewer has been unfair in their criticism. Rising above such unfair, potentially personal attacks can be a great way of showing the watching world that you are worth their custom.

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