“Hi, my name is Adrianne Lahens and I hired Ever Increasing Circles to create two original logo designs. Overall my experience in working with EIC was excellent!

I was looking for a design firm to create these logos and I had posted to a few industry groups that I’m in and Ben, the co-founder of EIC, responded immediately to my post. Really ready to take on the task. And that quick proactive and attentive response really set the stage for our working relationship.

I provided the team some creative direction and they executed really well from the concepting phase. In fact, one of the logos was approved and perfect on literally the very first pass. And for the second logo I provided some feedback and they made those changes really quickly and first revision on that was perfect to spec.

What I was really impressed on in addition to the work was really the turnaround times. You know the response rate was anywhere from immediate and the turnaround on creative was around less than 24 hours.

So to give you a sense, I have final art work, completed design on two original logos in less than two weeks, I would say anywhere from like a week to a week and a half, which I would say is pretty unheard of when it comes to logo creation.

And so that was something that was really important to me was a quick turnaround because we, the team and I, had to move really fast on this project.

So I’m extremely happy with my experience in working with EIC and I would highly recommend the team.”

Adrianne Lahens

Chief Operating Officer –
The Influential Network, Inc.



“Hey guys, I’m Sarah from Honeyz. I just want to say a big thank you to Ever Increasing Circles on their service and the results of our campaigns from Facebook’s ROI’s. It’s been a great experience and I would definitely recommend them.”

Sarah Ali Khalid

Owner Honeyz.com