“Hi I’m Hayes Thomas, I’m the owner of HCT Concierge.

I just want to say a big thank you to Ever Increasing Circles. They just provide invaluable business strategy, marketing, and web development.

I’ve been using their services for the last couple of years now, and the team are second to none. Any help I’ve needed with my business strategies or from a web development standpoint, the team have been there to support me 100 percent.

Yeah, I just want to say a big thank you and I recommend them to anyone. To the future, and to many more years working with you guys.

Thank you again.”

Hayes Thomas


HCT Concierge


“A quick shoutout to EIC Media. Just wanted to acknowledge everything they do for us here at Maxcap Financial.

They’ve helped build our website, they’ve helped us with our marketing campaigns and they’re even building our latest app, which should be live in the next three months.

They’ve been a great team giving us a great service, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Thanks again guys and speak to you soon!”

Harry Esqualant


Maxcap Financial


“Just want to give a quick shout out to EIC media. You know, they’ve helped us a lot here at 44 LDN with the graphics they’ve created for us and the help on the website and things.

So we’d recommend them to anyone. So just a quick shout out to Ben and everyone else at EIC.

Yeah you know, keep on doing what you’re doing. Will for sure be using you in the future again.”

Devante Cole


44 LDN


“Hey guys, I’m Sarah from Honeyz. I just want to say a big thank you to Ever Increasing Circles on their service and the results of our campaigns from Facebook’s ROI’s. It’s been a great experience and I would definitely recommend them.”

Sarah Ali Khalid




“Hi, this is Estaban from Malanoche Productions in Mexico.

We hired Ever Increasing Circles to help us promote a London based theatre show called Seance in the Mexican and US markets. We were using Facebook ads but not getting the results we were expecting. Ever Increasing Circles stepped in to help and have done an amazing job!

Since they’ve started, we’ve seen a Return on Ad Spend of 1869% and an increasing uplift in sales which is just amazing compared to how we were going before.

We’re looking forward to working with Alistair and the rest of the EIC marketing team in the future. We’re blown away by the results and cannot recommend them enough.”

Estaban Garza

Séance Mexico

Malanoche Productions


“Hi there! I want to give a little shout out to a company, our social media company, Ever Increasing Circles. We’ve been linked with them now, they’ve been working with us, for the last 6 years.

Really good, young, vibrant company. They’ve been able to give us some excellent ideas for our posts on all platforms, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’re estate agents and they’ve been able to be very flexible in what they provide for us, giving us some great ideas. We’ve been getting great feedback from our clients.

It’s a company that I would highly recommend you use for your social media programs.”

Sam Samuel


Edward Ashdale


“Hi, my name is Adrianne Lahens and I hired Ever Increasing Circles to create two original logo designs. Overall my experience in working with EIC was excellent!

I was looking for a design firm to create these logos and I had posted to a few industry groups that I’m in and Ben, the co-founder of EIC, responded immediately to my post. Really ready to take on the task. And that quick proactive and attentive response really set the stage for our working relationship.

I provided the team some creative direction and they executed really well from the concepting phase. In fact, one of the logos was approved and perfect on literally the very first pass. And for the second logo I provided some feedback and they made those changes really quickly and first revision on that was perfect to spec.

What I was really impressed on in addition to the work was really the turnaround times. You know the response rate was anywhere from immediate and the turnaround on creative was around less than 24 hours.

So to give you a sense, I have final art work, completed design on two original logos in less than two weeks, I would say anywhere from like a week to a week and a half, which I would say is pretty unheard of when it comes to logo creation.

And so that was something that was really important to me was a quick turnaround because we, the team and I, had to move really fast on this project.

So I’m extremely happy with my experience in working with EIC and I would highly recommend the team.”

Adrianne Lahens

Chief Operating Officer –
The Influential Network, Inc.



“What’s up guys! I’m Mark from Affluent Attire.

I just want to say a big thank you to the guys at Ever Increasing Circles. Recently done a small rebrand for my new logo. Absolutely buzzing with the results.

Very very easy to communicate with the guys, to give feedback on what I’m looking for and make amendments accordingly.

Yeah couldn’t recommend them enough!”

Mark Reed


Affluent Attire

Our experience with EIC has been nothing short of fantastic. Strategy, planning and execution have all been second to none. Our social media, remarketing, email marketing and PPC campaigns have all gone above and beyond the KPI's we originally set. And the creative content throughout has been superb.Great team to work with. Really could not recommend them enough.
Great experience with the team, very fast and professional, great communication and most of all fantastic output.
"We have received terrific reviews on the deck you prepared for us. Someone who had seen our original presentation and then saw the one you revised for us has asked for your contact information."
Best around
Love working with Ben and EIC!
Can’t recommend highly enough. Creative design with quick delivery!
EIC is great to work with. Very attentive, able to handle quick turnarounds and translate creative direction well. Highly recommend.
Very helpful, and understood what I wanted for my website. Glad I went with E.I.C.
EIC are the best around. Have helped me in many aspects of the different businesses I am involved in.True insight and understanding of a complex environment and landscape.Can’t recommend enough.
Great company to work with really helpful and honest, which is nice to know in an industry which is confusing to many. I would thoroughly recommend if your looking to take your company to bigger and better things.
Really grateful for the team at EIC helped me improve my ROI on e-commerce. Wish I could give them more than five stars!
Great team, professional and reliable service delivery.
Great company!!! Really helped my business grow, reccomend
Created a website for me. Fast, efficient and extremely professional. Very happy with the end product. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Got something for everyone! Great service.
Their understanding of the digital landscape was amazing and their execution of what they delivered was professional and worth every penny!
Truly phenomenal service throughout every step of the process. Team was impeccable, very grateful to everyone involved!
The team helped me greatly to develop my ecommerce and increase my social media coverage