SM Creps.

SM Creps provides a personal shopping business for famous footballers across the top teams in European football. With clients ranging from Pail Pogba, Dele Alli, Gabriel Jesus, Mesut Özil, Kevin De Bruyne and many more. SM Creps are able to source difficult to find high-end fashion items like no one else in the market.


SM Creps Overview:

Sam, the founder of SM Creps, approached us as he reached a key milestone in the business. He had reached 100,000 followers and wanted to acknowledge the vast array of celebrity clients that helped him reach such a milestone.


We took the project on, turned it around within 48 hours and Sam used the content to post out onto his socials. We also created a handful of graphics that he used too.


Sam went on to recommend our services to friends & family and called EIC ‘the best in the business’.


We Delivered:

  • Over 7,000 Likes,
  • Over 60,000 Views,
  • Liked by Paul Pogba, Wilfried Zaha, Kyle Walker, Dele Ali & More.

Next Client: Football Newz