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Proud Sponsors of!

Breaking News: We’re proud to announce we will now be sponsoring! The Geekiary is a great fandom-related blog we’ve come across in our travels and started to follow.

As a team of creatives and web devs, we draw our inspiration from all kinds of weird and wonderful places. And The Geekiary is one such place that got onto our team Feedly list.

Soon enough their news stories kept cropping up as topics of watercooler discussion and before we knew it, we decided to sponsor them!

Authentic Fans

The blog is written by con-goers, photographers, cosplayers, artists, and writers. They disseminate the latest geek related news and make it nice and easy to follow.

How does that relate to a Digital Marketing Agency?

Well because frankly, we have a diverse staff with lots of different interests. And some of our graphic design team, in particular, draw a lot of inspiration from the like of sci-fi, anime and comic book designs to name a few.

It’s good to keep our fingers on the pulse and sponsoring a site that curates those worlds helps in that effort.

Here, by way of example, is a small short our team did as part of our word of the day sequence. It was inspired by the world of comic books.

As such, we’re looking forward to taking inspiration from any new design concepts we see along the way. And being supportive of the blog and team of writers and creators.

Here’s looking forward to a long and happy relationship!

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Alistair Dodds
My name is Alistair Dodds and I am the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of London based Digital Marketing Agency EIC Marketing. I have over 20 years of experience as an online marketer and business owner with clients in the USA and Europe.