PNI Supplements.

PNI are a diet supplements company who provide a range of tasty and nutritious protein and vitamin-based food supplements. Their low calorie, protein products are ideal for people with an active lifestyle.


PNI Supplements Overview:

PNI Supplements approached us towards the end of 2018 and asked us to help them with their online presence. They had an in-house design team that had focused their efforts on brand aesthetic and wanted an exterior team to offer them an ROI driven solution that complimented their efforts.


We produced various assets for social ads and targetted their ideal consumers with excellent results.


We Delivered:

  • Record Black Friday sales,
  • Record website traffic (benchmarked against previous years since the business was founded),
  • Retargeting CPCs of just 4p,
  • 40% increase in-store footfall,
  • More sales on Black Friday than previous 30 days.

Marc, the founder, said “Very happy with the work done by you guys and will definitely be using you for future projects. Thank you very much!”


Examples Of Video Ad Content We Created


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