How to make an IGTV Video to grow your Instagram following

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How to make an IGTV Video to grow your Instagram following


If you want to get the most out of IGTV then remember that quality content is King! Never sacrifice the quality of your IGTV videos just to meet an artificial schedule deadline. Whilst it is important to post regularly, you don’t want to post anything but your best material. Better to post one groundbreaking video than five lightweights.

Take the time to think about what your audience is really interested in. What drives and inspires them? What holds them back and causes them pain? Stand in their shoes and think through what would compel you to watch your own video. And then make sure to address the issues you’ve thought of in the most compelling way possible. You want your followers to stick around right to the end. So plan, record, edit, refine, and be relentless in your pursuit of excellence.

Because content is king. And great content sells itself and can go places you never dreamed of.

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