How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Using Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics

How To Grow Your Instagram Audience Using Instagram Analytics


To get more engagement on Instagram, it’s best to find the best times to post based on when your audience is on Instagram the most and are actively scrolling the app.

First, use Instagram Insights to find when your followers are most active. Then schedule your posts for these times to help drive up engagement. Instagrams algorithm will see this engagement and make your post visible to more followers.

Next, experiment with different posting times and measure your progress with Instagram analytics. This will help you narrow down what times and days of the week is best for your audience.

Third, post more during off-work hours instead of during the day. Typically that’s around lunchtime between 11am and 1pm and evenings between 7 and 9pm.

And finally, save your most important posts for weekdays.

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