How Instagram Lookalike Audiences Can Help You Turn A Profit!

Instagram Lookalike Audience

How Instagram Lookalike Audiences Can Help You Turn A Profit!


Facebook and Instagram custom and lookalike audiences are a great way to make profitable returns from your Ad campaigns.

With a Facebook custom audience you get to upload the email, phone numbers, names and locations of your best customers. Facebook then find those people on Facebook and Instagram and allows you to run ads to those people only. These past customers already know you and so are likely to buy from you again if you make them the right offer.

Even better, with a Facebook lookalike audience you can find the closest 1% of Facebook and Instagram users who have the same buying habits and interest as your best existing customers! This means you can advertise to people who you know are going to be interested in what you have to offer and so make a lot more sales than before. And all without wasting ad spend on people who aren’t interested!

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