Highend Outlet.

High End Outlet are a high-end fashion retailer delivering the finest designer pieces to customers throughout Europe and North America. The company source difficult to find pieces and offer them to their subscribers at wholesale prices.


High End Outlet Overview:


High End Outlet wanted to expand their business. They felt they had a compelling business model and wanted to attract more customers.


We determined that their existing website would need a full rebuild in order to scale at the KPI targets we set. As such, we built a custom design and coded solution to showcase their unique range of designer products.


In addition, we developed a comprehensive content and social media marketing strategy to attract new customers from around Europe and North America. We also devised a reactivation campaign to target past customers.


We Delivered:

  • A custom-designed and coded e-commerce solution,
  • Custom, lookalike and interest-based audience targeting and split testing,
  • A reactivation campaign,
  • Advanced sequential retargeting,
  • Custom designed videos and graphics,
  • 10x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) – For every £1 spent on ads we made £10 back in sales,
  • A record subscription base.

Our Services Used:


Here’s a sample of some of the campaign ads


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