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Email Marketing.

As the premier email marketing agency in London, we know the value email marketing can bring to speeding up your sales process. The target is to move your potential customers through the sales funnel until they make a purchase or become paying clients.

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EIC Email Marketing Video


In the following short video we explain just what goes into creating a successful Email Marketing. Press play and enjoy!


EIC – The Target Focussed Email Marketing Agency London


We do this by sending a sequence of emails that motivate your prospects to make a buying decision. As London’s premier email marketing agency we are well-practiced at crafting highly engaging email copy and designs that keep you at the forefront of your prospect’s minds.


As such our email marketing service can help you to close more sales quickly, all whilst saving your valuable time.


Why EIC Marketing Email Marketing Agency London?

  • Proven track record of positive email marketing ROI,
  • Over 40 years of combined in-depth experience,
  • Excellent personalised customer service,
  • In-depth reporting,
  • Winning Email Marketing campaign optimisation strategies.
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Email Marketing Extra Benefits


Email marketing is one of the most overlooked and yet still the most powerful tools you can have in your digital marketing playbook. The ability to create email marketing lists serves three important and distinct purposes:

  • It allows you to stay in contact with and upsell existing customers and clients.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to move a prospective client/customer through your sales funnel by providing timely pieces of content that build rapport, trust and brand recognition and,
  • Email marketing lists can be uploaded to Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager so you can retarget existing customers/clients and find prospective new clients who share the same interests and buying habits as your existing customer base. As such, they can be a great prospecting tool source.
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Why Email Marketing?

  • 91% of consumers use email at least once a day.
  • 86% of consumers choose to receive email marketing promotions from businesses.
  • One-third of people have bought products from email promotions.

People check their emails multiple times per day. The majority actively choose to receive email promotions from companies they are familiar with. However, they want to receive content that informs, educates, entertains and offers tangible value. That’s why at EIC email marketing agency London we ensure we craft emails that your target customers will adore.


Email Marketing Strategies That Work


Our focus is to build an email strategy that works and delivers consistent ROI. We start by defining your audience. Who are they? What do they want? When do they want it? And how often?


We will then develop a content plan that matches your target audience’s desires. We’ll segment the audience based on how they interact with content and match it to the part of the sales funnel they are in. The aim is to build a compelling story of trust and identity that your prospects feel is personal to them.

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Using Lead Magnets


Lead magnets are a great way to build the number of people on your email marketing list. A lead magnet tends to be a piece of valuable information that helps to solve a specific problem a large number of your prospects are having.


It can come in many forms be it a free report, checklist ebook, pdf, video training, you name it. But it needs to offer value and incentivise your prospect to give you their contact details in return for the lead magnet.


By working with you, we will help to devise one (or many) lead magnets that help to attract more inbound leads for you to contact.


Email Marketing Agency London


So call us today on 0203 538 8437 or email us at We’ll be happy to help develop a winning email marketing strategy for you so you too can make more sales and convert more leads from your email list than ever before.


EIC Client Testimonials


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about our work and results…

Our experience with EIC has been nothing short of fantastic. Strategy, planning and execution have all been second to none. Our social media, remarketing, email marketing and PPC campaigns have all gone above and beyond the KPI's we originally set. And the creative content throughout has been superb.Great team to work with. Really could not recommend them enough.
Great experience with the team, very fast and professional, great communication and most of all fantastic output.
"We have received terrific reviews on the deck you prepared for us. Someone who had seen our original presentation and then saw the one you revised for us has asked for your contact information."
Best around
Love working with Ben and EIC!
Can’t recommend highly enough. Creative design with quick delivery!
EIC is great to work with. Very attentive, able to handle quick turnarounds and translate creative direction well. Highly recommend.
Very helpful, and understood what I wanted for my website. Glad I went with E.I.C.
EIC are the best around. Have helped me in many aspects of the different businesses I am involved in.True insight and understanding of a complex environment and landscape.Can’t recommend enough.
Great company to work with really helpful and honest, which is nice to know in an industry which is confusing to many. I would thoroughly recommend if your looking to take your company to bigger and better things.
Really grateful for the team at EIC helped me improve my ROI on e-commerce. Wish I could give them more than five stars!
Great team, professional and reliable service delivery.
Great company!!! Really helped my business grow, reccomend
Created a website for me. Fast, efficient and extremely professional. Very happy with the end product. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Got something for everyone! Great service.
Their understanding of the digital landscape was amazing and their execution of what they delivered was professional and worth every penny!
Truly phenomenal service throughout every step of the process. Team was impeccable, very grateful to everyone involved!
The team helped me greatly to develop my ecommerce and increase my social media coverage