The owners of DigiTalks command an audience of some 30 million unique followers across their social media network. They produce some of the most shared, liked and engaging Meme’s in the world.


DigiTalks Overview:


The founders of DigiTalks, owners of one of the largest media networks in the world, approached us to build a platform that could engage their audience.


The fundamental idea behind the business was to educate their audience, engage them & monetize the process of doing so.


After working with them closely for a number of months it was decided that the best route to market would be an affordable course site that’s focused on provided high-quality learning resources to the masses.


There’s no get rich quick promises, no pictures of mansions with the ‘this could be you’ caption & no bogus influencers pretending this is their secret to success.


We worked with DigiTalks to build courses that let the quality speak for themselves. Scheduled for release in August 2019 it’s likely to be a massive hit with their audience.


We Delivered:

  • Planned, Wrote & Recorded Bespoke Course Material,
  • Custom Built Website with Student Login Portals,
  • Step-by-step module-based learning with progress tracking available to students,
  • Comprehensive affiliate portal that enables students to sell the course material to friends and subsidize their learning costs.
  • SEO optimised landing pages and link campaign led by our inhouse SEO Expert Alistair Dodds.

Example Introduction Video To The Course


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