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Do you want to create well designed, highly effective content to tell your brand story? Want to increase the number of sales or leads you receive all whilst watching your brand reputation grow? Then it’s wise to work with a high-quality and experienced content marketing agency. And you’re in luck because we have the expertise, seasoned and proven professional team and methods to help you get the results you desire.

Welcome to EIC Content Marketing Agency!

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Why EIC Content Marketing Agency London?

  • Proven track record of producing unrivaled content for clients,
  • Over 40 years of combined in-depth experience,
  • Excellent personalised client brand strategies,
  • In-depth reporting,
  • Winning content marketing strategies and creative.

Why Content Marketing?

Effective, valuable and engaging content should be the central focus of your marketing strategy. It should be used to captivate and maintain a well-defined target audience and move them towards the commercial outcome you desire.


Rather than constantly promoting your goods and services, you should present useful and engaging content that helps your audience solve the problems they are facing. This, in turn, builds rapport, trust and ultimately moves your customer prospects through your sales funnel.


Cornerstone Strategy For Major Brands

Most major brands and well-reputed marketing agencies use content marketing as a means of driving sales. Be it Adidas, Nike, IKEA, Land Rover, Goldman Sachs, Taco Bell, Dell, Farmers Insurance and more, most major brands invest in content marketing strategies for one major reason; it’s proven to work!

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Key Reasons Content Marketing Is So Effective

  • Higher sales
  • Lower costs
  • The longevity of customer and brand loyalty

In short, content marketing is essential now and for the foreseeable future of digital marketing. Without a well-planned strategy, you’ll continue to miss out on a high percentage of potential sales opportunities.


Marketing Is Ineffective Without Amazing Content

No matter what kind of marketing strategies you employ, content marketing needs to be the core of your strategy, not an isolated afterthought. High-quality content is a factor in all aspects of digital marketing:

  • SEO: Google, Bing, and the other major search engines love fresh, quality produced content. Publish it consistently and you’ll be rewarded with organic traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing: Your content strategy needs to come before your social media strategy goes anywhere near a scheduling calendar.
  • Public Relations: Effective PR plans should focus on the issues your target audience care about.
  • PPC: A successful PPC campaign requires great content in the ad and landing page in order to work.
  • Inbound marketing: Content is an essential component in obtaining good quality inbound leads. In fact, it’s difficult to implement without it.

Content Marketing Strategy

As one of London’s most successful content marketing agencies, we will work with you to build a content marketing strategy that delivers effective results.


We first need to identify why the content is being created, the audience it is going to help and how it will help in a way no one else in the market is able to.

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Content Planning

Once those questions are answered, we will then work to develop a content plan. This report will explain:

  • How we plan to implement the strategy,
  • The cornerstone topic areas we will develop,
  • The assets that will be created for each topic,
  • The calls to action we will test,
  • The channels it will be deployed in and
  • The name of your assigned account manager.

Key Components Of The Plan

The business case for developing a creative content marketing plan: The reasoning behind the content strategy, potential risks, roadblocks, and opportunities and the Key Performance Indicators by which we will track outcomes and results. It will also identify the unique opportunity we hope to exploit as a result of the content strategy.


The target audience avatars and content tree: We will define the target audiences the content is being created for, what problems they face, how we will look to help them overcome them, and what the engagement process steps will be to move them through the sales funnel. This will include everything from specific landing pages, cornerstone content and explainer videos through to sequential retargeting strategies, messaging and offers.


The brand hero story: We’ll specify the brand messages we want to convey about your brand, how they differentiate against your competitors and how we envisage your target audience receiving and acting upon them.


The marketing channels and platforms to be utilised: We’ll map out the search engines and social media channels that the content promotion will take place on. In addition, we’ll lay out how each channel will work cohesively to implement the unified commerce strategy and consistency across channels. This will enable a continuous experience across platforms and throughout the customer journey.

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Next Steps

Once the content marketing plan is ready we will send it to you and arrange a time to go through with your department heads and stakeholders. As per any feedback and changes deemed necessary, we will amend the plan and send back to you for sign off.


Once signed off, we will get to work building the content assets and putting the plan into action. And once the campaign is live and running, we will provide monthly reporting on the implementation phases and KPI’s.


You will be able to ask questions with your dedicated account manager throughout the process. It’s important that we keep lines of communication open at all times, especially during the early phase of implementation, so that we can make adjustments based on the KPI results we are seeing.


Types Of Content We Specialise In

We specialise in each of the following content types:

  • Infographics: Static, Gif and Dynamic.
  • Explainer Videos: Specialised step by step videos that explain how your business or service operates.
  • Video Ads: 3D Modelling, Fake 3D, After Effects, Blotter, Timelapse.
  • Graphics: Parallax, Fake 3D, Image Grading, Photo Enhancement, 3D Visualisations and Renders.
  • SEO Keyword Optimised Landing Pages: Category and Product Pages.
  • Cornerstone Content Articles: Long-form blog posts around which we will comprehensively deal with a given content topic.
  • PPC Conversion Optimised Landing Pages: Dedicated landing pages for PPC ads that match the same style, tone, and design of the ads.
  • Digital Pitch Decks: For investment, funding and strategic presentations.

Want To Take The Next Step?

To find out more about our content marketing agency and the service we can provide for you, please call us today on 0203 538 8437 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help develop a content marketing strategy that delivers a positive ROI every time.


EIC Client Testimonials

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about our work and results…

"We have received terrific reviews on the deck you prepared for us. Someone who had seen our original presentation and then saw the one you revised for us has asked for your contact information."
Tim Gallagher
Tim Gallagher
Best around
Love working with Ben and EIC!
Pranay Srinivasan
Pranay Srinivasan
Can’t recommend highly enough. Creative design with quick delivery!
linda duffey
linda duffey
EIC is great to work with. Very attentive, able to handle quick turnarounds and translate creative direction well. Highly recommend.
Adrienne Lahens
Adrienne Lahens
Fast, efficient and amazing creative expression which is the thread that runs through all their work. Zarity Media has been working alongside EIC for over six months and the projects they have delivered on have been diverse, every one executed with utmost proficiency
Luka Zak
Luka Zak
Very helpful, and understood what I wanted for my website. Glad I went with E.I.C.
Scott Mckee
Scott Mckee
EIC are the best around. Have helped me in many aspects of the different businesses I am involved in. True insight and understanding of a complex environment and landscape. Can’t recommend enough.
Oliver Ward
Oliver Ward
Great company to work with really helpful and honest, which is nice to know in an industry which is confusing to many. I would thoroughly recommend if your looking to take your company to bigger and better things.
James Plumb
James Plumb
Really grateful for the team at EIC helped me improve my ROI on e-commerce. Wish I could give them more than five stars!
Harry Speers
Harry Speers
Great team, professional and reliable service delivery.
Eddy Blessing Eka
Eddy Blessing Eka
Great company!!! Really helped my business grow, reccomend
Bailey Nicklen
Bailey Nicklen
Created a website for me. Fast, efficient and extremely professional. Very happy with the end product. Would highly recommend to anyone!
alex shafiq
alex shafiq
Got something for everyone! Great service.
Scarlett Ozetem
Scarlett Ozetem
Their understanding of the digital landscape was amazing and their execution of what they delivered was professional and worth every penny!
peter sansom
peter sansom
Truly phenomenal service throughout every step of the process. Team was impeccable, very grateful to everyone involved!
Honor Teideman
Honor Teideman
The team helped me greatly to develop my ecommerce and increase my social media coverage
Jesus Alonso
Jesus Alonso