2019 Top 5 Facebook Video Statistics Infographics

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2019 Top 5 Facebook Video Statistics Infographics

It’s been another year of remarkable growth in the usage of videos on Facebook. The social media goliath is now an essential part of any video marketing strategy. Daily video views are now at 8 billion per day compared to just 1 billion 5 years ago. That is explosive growth in anyone’s book!

Let’s look at some of the jaw-dropping numbers!

Facebook Video Statistics

500 million users watch videos on Facebook daily
The number of people who watch videos on Facebook every day. Compare that to YouTube which has 2 billion active monthly users.

84% of marketers promote videos on Facebook.
We marketers clearly can’t get enough of a good thing!

8 billion daily video views
There are now 8 billion daily video views on Facebook. Back in 2014, it was just 1 billion!

Facebook Live now used by 35% of video marketers
That’s up from 34% in 2018.

5 million active video advertisers
There are more than 5 million video advertisers on Facebook actively promoting their content each and every month.

Live Video gets engagement for longer
If you want to target longer engagement with video marketing then Facebook Live is the way to go. Users spend 3 times longer watching live videos than standard uploaded content.

Organic Facebook engagement
Organic engagement is 13.8% higher on posts featuring a video. That’s a lot of extra organic bang for your advertising dollar!

Branded videos are the way to go
49% of consumers engage with branded videos on Facebook. That’s almost double the engagement rate on any other social media platform.

258% rise in sponsored video content views
Since 2016, Facebook has witnessed a 258% increase in the number of views on sponsored video content. Another key metric for video marketers to be cognizant of.

Animated and Still Infographics

If you’ve been surprised, impressed, or stunned by any of these Facebook video statistics and want to share them with your readers then please feel free to share the infographics our social media team in London have created. We have a bunch of different sized animated and still versions below which you are welcome to embed on your blog. Naturally, we would appreciate attribution.

Please feel free to share and use! And if you like interactive graphics then check out the version of this infographic we posted on this page.

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